The cyrkle - turn - down day / big, little woman

Each volume was also offered for individual sale. When the series was fully issued, a customer could purchase the entire series at once (or a group of albums, as packaged by Time-Life as part of a promotion), often at a discounted price.

​Ferguson & Rogers Band is NOT an "Easy Listening", Background Music, "could you turn it down, we're trying to talk" type of act. (although some events begin this way, we will accommodate, of course)

I don’t know where Peppy’s Hamburgers in Ferndale was located but I did work at the Peppy’s Hamburger fast food restaurant in Clawson. It was located on Main St. just north of 14 Mile Rd. on the west side of the road.
I worked there for a few months in late 1964 and early 1965. They paid me $ per hour for working the front window and flipping burgers. That was my second hourly job as a teenager and a step up from my first hourly job at A&W in Clawson. That job paid 90 cents per hour to start. After about a month there the boss gave me a 10 cent per hour raise to $ per hour. I was really excited about earning triple digit pay and couldn’t wait to tell all of my friends! A dollar went a long way back then. It bought me 3 packs of cigarettes. I moved on to sunny Florida in the late 60’s and I’m still here enjoying the sunshine and flowers.

Ron Sanchez posts the play lists and audio archive for his 2013 kglt-fm and radios show here. This is part of the Career Records web site.

He ended up cooking Christmas dinner for her in England. Here, nobody tells this better than Grand Knight Seaton of the Order of the Stuffed Goose himself:

The Cyrkle - Turn - Down Day / Big, Little WomanThe Cyrkle - Turn - Down Day / Big, Little WomanThe Cyrkle - Turn - Down Day / Big, Little WomanThe Cyrkle - Turn - Down Day / Big, Little Woman