Red rat - oh no... it's red rat

Why the hell is this thing even working, it can't be working, it SHOULDN'T be working, so what the hell?! I need to — God, I need to, I need to… see, how… long can I talk here, I think there's a-a-a cap or something on the recording log, and I-I-I can't see anything, I can only see the red light blinking on and off, I can't see any of the switches next to it…

If you think that she misunderstands merely because the two phrases sound somewhat alike and not because of the situation, read what SPAL's Committee on Housewives has to say:

Every night I’d pray for the blessed day when I could dye my hair and finally, aged 21, I took the plunge. I went to my hairdressers and asked for blonde highlights. The salon worked their magic and, an hour or so later, I was transformed. I liked it so much I returned just two weeks later for more.

Comments:  This is a great product. Used it 3 straight days while catching 10+ fish with this single lure and it held up amazing, granted my lure has plenty of battle scars I will continue to ware it out. I highly recommend this lure to anyone in the market for a solid lipless crankbait. I will continue to fling this grade A lure out and keep reelin em in.

One thing I like to do to demonstrate how correlation usually does not equal causation, particularly for looking at things like vaccines and autism, is to point out other things that have increased dramatically since the early 1990s or before. For example, in 1990 cell phone use was generally reserved for the few who could afford it, given the expense, who lived in cities where cell phone networks were available. In the 25 years since then, cell phone use has gone from uncommon to ubiquitous, where almost everyone has a cell phone, over half of which are smart phones. Why don’t cell phones cause autism? Obviously, it’s because babies don’t use cell phones, but there is a strong correlation between cell phone use in the population and autism. What about Internet use? Back in 1990, you accessed the online services using Compuserve or AOL. In the early 1990s, particularly after 1994 when Netscape was introduced, more and more people used the Internet. Why doesn’t Internet use cause autism?

Product: Power Kill Mouse Trap
Buyer: J. McCormick (Virginia)

Comments: This mousetrap is the easiest trap to use I have found. I had no success with the standard wooden traps, the "humane" traps that simply catch them to be released, or the glue traps; however, once I had this one set, I had my mice in a day. This trap is a little more heavy-duty than the standard traps. It's all plastic and metal (no wood). There is also virtually no chance of setting the trap off on yourself while you attempt to bait it for the mice. An ideal trap.

Red Rat - Oh No... It's Red RatRed Rat - Oh No... It's Red RatRed Rat - Oh No... It's Red RatRed Rat - Oh No... It's Red Rat