Goldfish - coming home

Either way, WRAL's Kathryn Brown posted a picture on Facebook of one of her daughters, taking in her family's newest family members. "Sent my husband to the . State Fair with our son ... but forgot the explicit instructions to not return with any living animals... and just like that, we have more fish," she wrote.

Most modern goldfish varieties were derived from the common goldfish, which doesn't look that much different from its wild ancestor other than the colors. It is a rather hardy goldfish that can thrive and live happily in an aquarium or pond.

Apart from the obvious problem of quickly removing goldfish from a pond, herons cause a number of other problems for goldfish.   Firstly, they are disease carriers.  Secondly, if they don’t introduce a disease to the pond, an attack could increase stress levels in the remaining goldfish to levels that make them susceptible to disease.  Thirdly, they can spear a goldfish only to discover it is too big to swallow.  When that happens, they leave the goldfish by the side of the pool to die.  Whether or not suffocation kills it before the stab wound, it will die in agony.

Goldfish - Coming HomeGoldfish - Coming HomeGoldfish - Coming HomeGoldfish - Coming Home