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Bergan Industries built Locusts from eight different factories and supplied the Star League and its member states right through to the Amaris Civil War . [4] During the Succession Wars the number of manufacturers increased and the design was being built in nearly a dozen factories, including ones in the Periphery . [5] Besides Bergan's Ares facility versions of the Locust were built on Furillo ( Defiance Industries ), New Avalon ( Achernar BattleMechs ), Stewart ( Corean Enterprises ), Gibson ( Free Worlds Defense Industries ), Alpheratz ( Alliance Defenders Limited ), Canopus IV ( Majesty Metals and Manufacturing ), Taurus ( Taurus Territorial Industries ) and MacLeod's Land ( Pinard Protectorates Limited ). The wide variety of manufacturers meant costs for producing the 'Mech were low and parts were widely available, leading to everyone from lowly pirates to corporate defense forces buying Locusts in large numbers. It also led to many different variants of the Locust , although those in the Periphery were largely limited to building the original LCT-1V model. [5] [10]

The Soyuz-2-1v rocket made a successful debut on December 28, 2013, lifting off from Pad 4 at Site 43 in Plesetsk Cosmodrome at 16:30 Moscow Time (7:30 . EST). The vehicle was carrying an experimental version of the Aist satellite and a pair of SKRL-756 radar-calibration spheres, which were released from a special adapter mounted on the Volga upper stage after it had entered a near-polar orbit.

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