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The strategoi were a political party, founded within Ancient Greece in the 4th Century . and was primarily comprised of Athenian generals. Due to the socioeconomic and political nature of the time, these generals began to impact the Athenian political front. Special political offices were created based on the strategoi philosophy that military experience was an important aspect of providing political leadership. The landscape of the world during the strategoi's influence called for a greater presence of military action, which meant that these generals were constantly in the public eye. A government run by the people and for the people, as ancient Greece was, wanted their society represented by a group of individuals who fought for the rights of everyone, had major successes on the battlefield, and admired the rule of ethical authority: the strategoi represented all of these cornerstones. Like the strategoi of Ancient Greece, we at Strategos Group are trusted advisors who serve the community through humility and high ideals.

LEGO and Star Wars have played hand-in-hand before with TV specials and shorts, but The Freemaker Adventures is something different. It’s a serialized story, unfolding over multiple episodes. Rather than revisiting an established tale, the animated series delves into fresh territory that brushes up against touchstones in the Star Wars universe between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi . The show brings a new set of characters and new mythology into focus.    

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